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Blowsion SurfSlam 2015

Blowsion SurfSlam Blowsion SurfSlam Blowsion SurfSlam Blowsion SurfSlam

Surfslam 2015 is here for its seventh incredible year!

Join the world's greatest Watercraft Freeriders September 11th, 12th and 13th on the ocean beaches of Pacific City Oregon for 2015ís premier PWC surf event. The Blowsion Surfslam is the conclusive championship round of the 2015 IFWA Freeride World Championship Tour. The Surfslam is being held for its 7th year at the pristine Tierra Del Mar Beach access located just north of Pacific City, Oregon and is free to the public on this wide expanse of incredible beach. The Blowsion Surf Slam brings over 100 Pro, Amateur and first time Rookie competitors from around the world competing for cash purse, prizes and points towards the International IFWA World title, as well as the Blowsion Surfslam Champion.

Classes of Pro, Amateur and Rookie Freeride competitors will compete in the head to head double elimination format. A panel of expert judges will score them 50% for their wave surfing and 50% for their aerial maneuvers. The 2015 World Tour incorporates five international rounds with four prior stops already scored in Australia, France, Portugal and the UK. Watch it all culminate at the Blowsion Surfslam this September! The notorious Oregon Pacific Coast surf will boost riders in excess of 20+ feet in the air while performing surf combinations featuring multiple rotation backflips, Madonna rolls, can-cans, gerbil chokers, Superman backflips, inverted barrel rolls, floaters, look backs, aerial re-entries and no handed and no footed landings.

Spectators will also witness intense personal watercraft racing (Hopefully — see Racing Update below) with the IJSBA MotoSurf Invitational. Pro, Pro Am and Amateur wave racers in the country will battle it out in this challenging Oregon shoreline break. Racers will compete in a multi-moto format of several laps through a buoy course requiring a balance of maintaining high speeds while making split second strategic maneuvers around buoys and other racers while being pulverized by the intense Pacific Coast surf. Not able to attend? No worries! Once again we will be live streaming the Blowsion Surfslam weekend with the assistance of Richard Ignacio of LiveStreaming247.com.

This event is a weekend of non-stop surf and core beach action. The Freeride Qualifying will begin on Friday September 11th. Motosurf racing will (tentatively) take place on Saturday and Sunday Sept 12th and 13th. The main events will take place Saturday and Sunday from 8am-4pm. K&S Kuwait is proudly presenting the third annual K&S BIG AIR SHOWDOWN on Saturday with a $500.00 cash award to the freerider demonstrating the most amplitude in this must-see contest of aerial cojones and chaos.

Rounding out the amenities of this action packed weekend is the vendor and sponsor beach display area with food and beverage offerings to add to the festival surf environment. With over three miles of open beach to drive on and launch from, be sure to bring your own wave-shredding machine to carve up some of the famous Oregon Pacific Ocean Surf.

Important Racing Update * 08.12.15 *

Blowsion SurfSlam Blowsion SurfSlam

As of 08.12.15 Closed Course Moto Surf racing unfortunately may be dropped for 2015 due to lack of rider participation in USA racing. We prefer to not drop an exciting and integral part of the Surfslam since 2009, so we are holding a round house discussion of ideas on the Blowsion Facebook page until August 25th to explore all options for keeping Surfslam Moto Surf Racing alive. Please take the time to check in and add your comments. We welcome negative and positive feedback to this important discussion.

We will need 20 confirmed Racers (combined from Pro and Amateur classes) pre-registered by August 28th, 2015 in order for us to proceed with holding Moto Surf Racing. The online registration links are available here. This registration fee cost will not be billed at the time of registering. You will need a valid credit card to register, however we will not be processing any charges. On this September 1st, 2015 we will confirm and announce if we have met the minimum rider registration to hold full closed course Moto Surf Races. If not we will need to sadly say goodbye to Moto Surf Racing for 2015.

Once you have registered for racing you will be contacted via email with continued updates as well as news postings here on the Surfslam website and Facebook page. For those riders and racers wanting to test the water and see what Moto Surf riding and racing is all about before jumping in to a full race moto we will again be offering monitored practice and training sessions on the left and right turn buoy race course. For more information and registration details please visit: https://www.blowsion.com/2013-blowsion-surfslam-race-practice-entry-fee

What to Know

Blowsion SurfSlam Blowsion SurfSlam Blowsion SurfSlam Blowsion SurfSlam

The Tierra Del Mar State Recreation Area beach is open for licensed 4WD street legal vehicles. The sand is very soft so we highly suggest airing your tires down to 20 lbs of air pressure or suffer and expensive tow out. All beach vehicles must obey the beach speed limit of 10 mph. Tierra Del Mar does not have any built in public services or restrooms. The event sponsors will be providing these for the weekend so please use the portable bathrooms, hand wash stations and garbage dumpsters provided.

Please be aware that there are no ATV's or motorcycles allowed. This is a state of Oregon rule. Event competitors and event staff are the only exceptions with special permits. We will be strictly enforcing this rule so DO NOT UNLOAD OR DRIVE ANY QUADS, GOLF CARTS or UTVs at the event site. We cannot stress this enough. Just north of the Surfslam event site is Sand Lake Recreational Area which is a wide open dreamland for ATV, UTV and Motorcycle enthusiasts looking for sand to play on.

CAMPING: There is no overnight camping on the event site or beach of Tierra Del Mar State Recreation Area. Please see http://www.co.tillamook.or.us/gov/parks/Campgrounds.htm for local area camping options. Only event Security and Staff are allowed overnight in the competition area. This will be strictly enforced for safety, security and insurance reasons. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

RIDING: All responsible recreational riders are free to bring your watercraft and enjoy some open surf freeriding off the beach south of the marked event area. Please make sure your skis are legal. Fire extinguishers, PFDs, whistles as well as applicable state marine registration and OEM Hull Identification number plate attached in correct location are all required. Those riders not participating in the event will be subject to full law enforcement by local marine and land authorities. Competitors outside of the competition area will also be required to meet all legal standards. If you are planning to freeride after competing make sure you have everything required to satisfy the state and county local requirements. While we are not responsible for any activity outside of the marked event area, we ask that due to space constraints recreational riders limit themselves to stand-up/ski type PWC only and to be on your best behavior. You are representing the sport to many new and local spectators. Please honor this request so that this event can continue to grow into a comprehensive freeride and racing performance show inclusive of all models of PWC.

PACIFIC CITY is a very unique and special beach town and has remained Jet Ski friendly due to the efforts of many local enthusiasts to 'self-police' any riding or behavior in off limits areas since 1989. Please be on your best PWC behavior so we can keep it that way. If you see someone behaving poorly then please step in and shut it down immediately. Please also contact any event staff on the beach immediately. Please follow the rules in and around Pacific City town and be on your most respectful behavior. Pacific City and most of the Oregon Coast towns are very small, so word about renegade Jet Skiers travels extremely fast. We have a reliable and welcome location in Pacific City for future Surf Slams. We count on your support for this event to continue to be a respected PWC gathering.

Thank you!